Graphic Design

Graphic Design is an integral part of any Business!

We provide Graphic Design services that seamlessly integrate into existing Branding or Can Create a Complete Corporate Image from Logo to Marketing!

As a company born in Lockdown we understand how difficult it is to Start a new venture and offer Special Discounts for Start-Ups, Charities and 3rd Sector Enterprises looking…


Web Development

Do you need a New Website?

Whether you are looking for Website Design Services or have an existing Web Development Project we can provide bespoke Website Solutions without the Bespoke Price Tag!

From Custom Wordpress and CMS Themes to bespoke Web Design Solutions we provide the right solution for the right price! All Website designs are individually tailored to suit each…



Are you looking for a reliable E-Commerce Solution?

Whether you are taking your first steps into E-commerce and selling a single product or have a whole existing catalogue of products we can help find and scale the right e-commerce solution for you. As an addition to our Web Development Services we can create a new E-Commerce Website or incorporate…


Corporate Image and Branding

Good Branding and creating a Corporate Image is key to any Marketing Campaign.

All Marketing should incorporate clear and memorable Branding that can translate well across all media and marketing material.

We create a Corporate Image by implementing Branding rules that can be easily transferred to any marketing needs by putting these rules, layout information and graphics into 'reusable blocks' these…


SEO and Marketing

Improve your Online Presence with SEO and Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing


Ideation and Prototyping

Some of the best ideas started as a note scribbled on the back of a napkin or beermat!

Stage Media can bring these ideas to life through Ideation and Prototyping.

Whether it's an initial Logo sketch that needs developing into a finished Design or an idea for an entire Web Application we can create a working User Interface Prototype and provide…


Web Hosting and Domain Management

Are you looking for affordable Web Hosting and Domain Name Management?

Whether you have already registered a domain name or you're looking to register a new Website Address we can help and advise you.

Do you want to link your existing domain name to a Hosting Package or perhaps you've just found the ideal website name for a new business we…


Content Management Systems

The right Content Management System can improve your Workflow saving you time and money!

Stage Media works with a range of Content Management System Frameworks including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Grav and Silverstripe to name a few. We endeavour to find the best platform for each client's individual requirements and whilst different CMS systems can sometimes have advantages over others more often…


Custom Wordpress and CMS Themes

Do you need a Custom Wordpress Theme or Web Design Conversion?

In addition to our Web Design and Development Services we also provide Custom and Adapted Wordpress Themes and Bespoke themes for other Content Management Systems and E-Commerce Platforms including Wordpress, WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Silverstripe, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento.

We can also provide a theme transfer…


Vector Graphic Conversions

We provide Scalable Vector Graphic Conversions - SVG Conversions.

A SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is a graphic format that contains an illustration or drawing stored as vectors as the name suggests the graphic can be scaled up or down to any size without loss to the quality and usually stored in a much smaller file size than a traditional…


Stage and Set Design Services

Specialist Set, Scenery, Projection and Lighting Design for Live Events and The Stage!

As the name suggest Stage Media has a background in Performing Arts we have a wide range of knowledge in Stage, Set and Lighting Design. We can provide Design for Stage Set and Scenery including physical set building, Digital Projections and Stage Lighting Programming.

We have created custom…


Technical Support and Training

Update Your Tech Skills with our Technical Support and Training!

We provide Technical Support and Training to help you and your staff/volunteers use a range of  Content Management Systems and E-Commerce Platforms. Our Training provides skills for updating online Content, using SEO Techniques and managing Branding and Graphics.

We can provide a customised training course for a variety platforms whether it's…


Photo Editing and Enhancement

Do You Need a Photo Altering, Improving or Enhancing?

Whether you have a Photo on your Phone or an Old Black and White Printed Photograph we can provide improvements including Editing, Enhancing, Retouching, Repairing, Recolouring or Selective Removal to your specification no matter if it's a one off or an entire album!

Group Photographs can be notoriously difficult to get right…


Architectural Rendering

3D Rendering for Architectural Design

We work with local Architects to bring Technical Drawings to life by converting them into 3D Renders whether you need a Concept Image or a 3D walkthrough video we can provide a digital solution.

We also have an associate who is a qualified Interior Architect to plan and take your Architecture Project to the next level…